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My name is Ryan Neal and I’m an Actor/Filmmaker
living in Sunny Los Angeles, CA


“A cross between Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, I’m a big-hearted, straight-shooting actor who normally plays white-collar roles”

     I’m a NY transplant who came to Los Angeles from NY about about 11 years ago.
     I’ve always loved stories, I remember reading  “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho at the Sugar Bar, a bar I had worked at in NYC. A couple asked me why I was reading that book after I had made them their drink. I mentioned that I wanted to be an actor. “What are you doing here?” they asked, you should go to Los Angeles and stop wasting your time here as a bartender.
     With a little encouragement from the couple, I decided to purchase a plane ticket to Los Angeles for a week and see and see what LA was like as I had never been there.

     Sitting, watching the sunset at Venice Beach (after getting lost for half a day trying to find my way around), I said to myself, “Yup, I’m gonna take the leap”.  I came back after a week in Los Angeles told my mom I was moving to LA.  I quit my job (well I gave my one month notice, I’m considerate of other people), sold anything that I wasn’t bringing with me and moved to LA the following month.
     I had gotten a call from my dad a week after I had moved to LA; found my apartment (getting lost for two hours trying to get to said apartment), bought a car, the usual.  He told me how proud he was of me and that he would have never been able to do what I just did.  And that’s a little bit about me.

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